4 Benefits Of Learning Self-Defence

Female practicing self defense

There are lots of ways to keep fit and get more exercise and the key to sticking with it is to find something that you enjoy doing. For some, that will take the form of hitting the gym day in day out, while for others it could be going for regular runs in their local community. And for others still, it could be finding beautiful countryside for lots of hiking opportunities.

Something that may appeal, however, if you’re looking to get back into fitness while learning some new skills at the same time is self-defence. There are all sorts of benefits associated with this kind of training… and here are just a couple.

#1 More confidence

An oft-cited benefit of taking self-defence classes of any kind is how much it can build your confidence. Training sessions are hard work and often take place in front of a crowd, so any fears you may have about performing in front of other people will soon disappear.

#2 Improved sense of safety

We live in a challenging world and it’s important to know how to keep yourself safe, how to handle yourself in extreme circumstances and how to keep yourself calm under pressure. Self-defence is also about self-awareness and how to stay safe as you go through life, avoiding certain situations and what to do if you are caught up in a spot of bother.

#3 Stress relief

Any kind of training and exercise is great for getting rid of stress and anxiety and you’re sure to find that your mental health and overall outlook improves the more you practise.

#4 Make new friends

Self-defence classes are generally group sessions so you’re sure to meet like-minded people and make lots of new friends. Perfect if you’re keen to socialise more but don’t want to miss out on any gym sessions each week.

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