4 Fitness Gadgets To Try!

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We’re very lucky that we live in the 21st century and have a huge amount of technology at our disposal that can help make different areas of our lives easier… and fitness and exercise is certainly no exception to this.

There are lots of different health and fitness gadgets out there that you can invest in that could really help you hit your goals. But which one to get first? Here are just a couple of our favourite tech innovations to have come to market over the last few weeks and months. Enjoy!

Whoop 4.0

Yes, the Whoop is a fitness tracker but it goes one step further and really helps you gain a more in-depth understanding of your body, giving you real-time feedback on sleep, training, recovery and health. There are also in-app coaching features that can really help you optimise your training performance, so it’s certainly worth checking out.

Nurvv Smart Insoles

If you want to up your running skills over the next few months, the smart insoles from Nurvv could make a big difference. There are 32 precision sensors in the soles that collect data from your feet to give you real-time coaching, including haptic, visual and audio feedback to really help you on the road or on the treadmill.

VAHA S Fitness Monitor

Looking to really spoil yourself and don’t mind splurging? Then the VAHA S Fitness Mirror could be the gadget for you. Not only is this a very stylish mirror, it also gives you access to more than 100 on-demand and live classes every month, which is ideal if you’re not keen on the idea of going to an actual gym.

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