4 Winter Running Tips

4 Winter Running Tips - Elite

Pulling on your running trainers and pounding the pavement is relatively easy during spring and summer when the weather is fine, but at this time of year it can be pretty challenging to find the motivation and determination you need to head outside in the wind, rain and snow.

There’s always the option of putting yourself through your paces on the treadmill, of course, but there’s a lot to be said for getting out and about in the fresh air, not just from a physical perspective but from a mental and emotional health and wellbeing perspective, as well.

To help you brave the inclement conditions over the next few weeks and months, here are a few top tips from the Elite Wear team to ensure you hit your exercise goals and keep yourself on the running track.

Operate a reward-based system

Of course, the runner’s high you experience after an amazing run is often reward enough but if you need a bit of extra encouragement to get outside, promise yourself a high-value treat for when you’re back in the house. Running towards your rewards could even see you get a personal best!

Layer up

The right running clothes are essential if you’re going to go on lots of winter runs this year. Layering up technical fabrics can help keep you warm without making you sweat and you can always take layers off or put them back on as you go, depending on how you feel.

Run into the wind

Work out which direction the wind is blowing in and set off by running head on into it, then finish your run with the wind behind you. You’ll thank yourself after you’ve broken a sweat and don’t have the wind blowing in your face on the home stretch.

Sign up for a winter running challenge

In need of extra motivation to keep you out on the roads? Signing up for a winter run could give you the little push you need to get out there, no matter what’s happening with the weather.

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