Get an incite into the top exercises to get you on track to those 6 pack abs!



To get shredded abs, there is no doubt about it - you need a nutrition plan. A nutrition plan will be different for everyone depending where you're at. If you are over weight, you will look to diet, cutting calories and carbs, hitting the cardio whilst maintaining an Abdominal Exercise plan. Where as if you are already slim, it may be a case of a nutrition based plan ensuring you have a well balanced diet of the right foods such as fruits, vegetables, low carb and high protein as well as maintaining a ab exercise plan.

First of all, abs don’t happen over night. It take’s time and dedication to a healthy, balanced diet as well as continuity with training balancing cardio and abs together. Head over to some nutrition plans and look for the plan tailored to your needs and then have a go at following some simple exercises below to get you started.

If you maintain a plan like this, you could see results within 6-8 weeks and possibly even sooner depending on your current health.



It is important that you get the right exercises to ensure that you train the whole of your abdominal area. There are various tweaks which will help you hit different areas to ensure you get the best results. 

The abdominals are made up of several muscle grous. But we will split them into 3 for easy understanding. The upper abdominals (upper 4), lower abdominals (lower 4) and the obliques, which are the sides of the abdominals and form to give you the V shaped abs.

Exercise 1: The Crunch (Upper Abs)


This can be done in 2 ways. The first way is by laying on the floor with your feet together, knees up to form a nice 90 degree arch between the bum and the feet. Place both hands on your thighs outstretched. Then, you will lift up and forwards sliding your hands up your legs and towards the top of your knees. A gentle pause and then back down controlling the movement throughout.


The second way is by using a sit up bench. Adjust the intensity of the bench as required and then follow the same steps mentioned above. Ensure that when you lower your body, you control the movement.


Exercise 2: Leg Raises (Lower Abs)

Also done in 2 methods. The first method is the hanging leg raise. Using an over head bar or pull up bar. Hold on to the bar so your feet lift of the floor. Hold your feet together and point the toes. Lift the feet forward until they are level with the waist and then a controlled movement back down. This may be hard at first so it may be a short burst up and find it hard to control the lowering. Try not to swing and keep a stable position.


The begginers leg raise is by laying on the floor, legs straight and feet together. Placing your hands out to the sides or under the bum. Point the toes and lift both legs together pointing to the ceiling and then return back to the floor under control. If you want to increase the intensity, keep your feet off the floor by 6 inches and repeat.


Excercise 3: Hanging Knee Raise (Lower Abs)

Hang from a bar with your hands a comfortable width apart. Raise your knees up towards your chest before slowly lowering back to starting position, taking care not to swing as you do so.


Exercise 4: The V-Sit (Upper and Lower)

 Lie on the floor with your legs slightly raised and hands extended by your sides, just off the floor. Raise your knees and torso so that your body tucks into a V position, keeping your arms straight, before returning to the starting position in a controlled movement and repeat the exercise.


Exercise 5: Standing Side Crunch (Obliques)

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, One hand on the side of the head and one hand down by the side. In a slow controlled movement, lean to the side and let your hand follow your leg down to the knee and feel the crunch on the side. Return to the top and repeat and then change sides.

An alternate side crunch is by lifting the leg. This time, the hand which is on your head, you will lift the same leg and touch your elbow to your knee, using the opposite arm to help with balance. Repeat the movement and change sides.


Reps: Aim for 10-20 reps depending on your level. 

Sets: Repeat the exercises between 3-5 times.


Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are shredded abs. Be strict with your diet, and train cardio 3 times a week aiming for 30-40 minute steady paced sessions to help fat burning.