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Ex Forces Support Charity | Stand To | Ready When You Are - Elite
Are you an Ex Veteran and looking for support in the East Midlands? Read below to see if Stand To Can Help.

Fitness is fast becoming one of the best methods to get your journey back on track and be self rewarding. But sometimes you need to tackle what's getting you off track in the first place. Don't be afraid to reach out and talk to Stand To. 
STAND TO is a support service dedicated to Derbyshire’s veteran community. Whether you were Regular or Reserve forces, served for 22 years or 2 days STAND TO are here to help. ​We cover the whole of Derbyshire.
STAND TO - Who Are They?
STAND TO is a project which aims to improve the lives of the Ex-Forces community affected by alcohol misuse in Derbyshire (except Derby City) through the provision of a dedicated service provided by our team of dedicated trained staff all with experience of the  Armed Forces.

Stand To is a responsive service for anyone who has been in the British Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Reserve/Territorial Forces. If this applies to you or someone close to you STAND TO can provide support.
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How Can They Help?
Stand To can offer all kinds of support which include:
Help with counselling
Alcohol support 
Veterans information point
CONNECT programme for those who feel isolated
If you would like to get involved you can follow this link for support,  to volunteer or donate.