How To Maintain New Year Fitness Regime Throughout 2023

How To Maintain New Year Fitness Regime Throughout 2023

The majority of people who made a New Year’s resolution this year have given up on them already, and as the most popular lifestyle change to make is to improve health and fitness, this could mean that gyms all over the country are already half as full as they were at the beginning of the month. 

A recent study showed that only 38 per cent of people who made resolutions will stick with them till the end of January, with a third having already abandoned their new habits within the first two weeks of the year. 

Senior learning scientist Dr Cindy Blanco from language app DuoLingo, which conducted the survey, said: “The trouble with goal-setting in January is that we typically choose resolutions that are too ambitious and too difficult to keep.”

She recommended having mini goals instead and seeing rewards in your new lifestyle, which encourages you to carry on. 

Those who have managed to keep their New Year’s resolution to stay fit so far are in a good position to carry on with their goal. According to Dr Blanco’s advice, it is best to make small targets to work towards that are more realistic to accomplish. 

For instance, instead of saying you will exercise for one hour six times a week, you will have a greater chance of success by committing yourself to four workouts of 30 minutes. 

It is also important to take photos and measurements to see your progress, as well as noting down your performance. Seeing your fitness and strength improve, as well as your body change shape will spur you to carry on. 

Of course, having the right equipment boosts your confidence when hitting the gym, whether it is weightlifting gloves or comfortable seamless leggings.