Must-Haves For Your Gym Bag

Must-Haves For Your Gym Bag

There is nothing worse than turning up at the gym only to find you don’t have everything you need in your bag, whether it’s your water bottle or your pants!

If you don’t want to be caught short during a training session, here are some essentials to always pack.


  • Hydration and fuel

It goes without saying that water is essential when going to the gym. You lose a lot of liquid when you exercise, whether you are lifting weights or doing cardio, so make sure you drink plenty before, during and after your workout. Remember that water fuels muscles, so it will also help you achieve more in your session.

Additionally, bring a post-workout healthy snack to re-fuel yourself and you might want a protein shake to help repair muscles.


  • Shower essentials

If you are showering at the gym, make sure you bring toiletries, a towel and a spare pair of clothes and shoes, including new pants. Ladies might also want to bring their make-up bags and hair accessories if they are going out or to work afterwards.


  • Technology

Lots of people like to track their workouts, so remember to bring your phone or fitness tracker. You can follow a workout on YouTube or an app on your smartphone and monitor your heart rate, steps, and activity levels on your watch. You might also be able to track your achievements, so you know when you’re achieving a personal best.

If you listen to music while working out, don’t forget your headphones or ear plugs too.


  • Gym equipment

Although gyms are usually packed with everything you need, some people prefer to bring their own resistance bands, workout gloves, chalk or barbell pads for squats, lunges, and hip thrusts.

Pack it all in a large gym backpack with as many pockets as you could ever need so you can easily find what you’re looking for.