What Is Crossfit®?

What Is Crossfit? - Elite

Find out if Crossfit® is for you and how you can get involved.

Crossfit® was founded in 2001 and fast became a popular workout style used by the military and services worldwide. Now it is one of the biggest lifestyle methods used to accomplish goals and generate a community based fitness environment. Known as a Elite Performance programme, it is still suited for everyone - including anyone who hasn’t worked out before.



Crossfit® is not just a workout, it is a community. If you find a Crossfit® gym, it is likely you have found a new group of friends which you will help you along your journey and celebrate your successes. Crossfit® raises the bar by setting goals and personal bests (PBs) giving you a target to reach for. When you achieve that goal, everyone celebrates and you move on to the next.


Become a better you

Workouts are challenging, but always worth the time and effort you put in. It is a style of transformation training with unparalleled stimulus and used with a sound nutrition plan, will guarantee you more results than any other form of gym.


Functional Training

Crossfit® provides a functional range of exercises which you can tailor to your own level. Therefore it is perfect for anyone no matter if you’ve never trained before. You will find that each workout has a name (WOD) or formally known as ‘Workout Of The Day’. As you carry out the workouts, you can record times, strengths and identify where you can improve and then next time - aim to beat it. Crossfit® will fast become a passion which encourages you to challenge your physical tolerance, ensure you have the right balanced diet, high proteins, low carbs and where you can enjoy fats to give you the bursts of energy needed for this high intensity programme.


Will I get injured in Crossfit®?


Workouts can involve complex and involve explosive movements which may involve lifting considerable weights overhead or in ways you never have before. It is important you practice these levels ‘dry’ to ensure you understand the movement and motion. Then, warm up - always warm up before any workout or movement which will involve exertion. Use a light weight and practice again, check your form and position, ask another cross-fitter for tips or to watch and support you when you start to increase the intensity.


Crossfit® is about pushing boundaries at an intensity you are comfortable with, you will learn to love the rough hands from gripping the bar and even start entering the competitions and become a new version of you. Happier, Healthier with an extended group of friends no matter where you go.



Where Can I Find A Crossfit® Gym?


Crossfit® is a licenced practice, and therefore you can log on to https://www.crossfit.com/what-is-crossfit and find your local gym from here. Or use google and facebook to search Crossfit® gyms near you and give them a call. You wont ever look back.


Elite is not a partner, sponsor or associate with Crossfit® and this blog is for informational purposes only.