What To Look For In A Running Backpack

What To Look For In A Running Backpack

Whether you’re a road runner or prefer to take to the hills and trails, it can prove very useful to invest in a solid running backpack so that you can easily carry all the supplies you need on your back.

Even if you just want to take your phone, keys and a bottle of water with you, a backpack of some kind can prove particularly beneficial, since running holding items in your hands can change your form and make you more inefficient as a runner. 

So, if you have been struggling to hit your running goals and can’t quite work out why, it might be down to the simple fact that you’re holding certain items, instead of transporting them on your back.

In terms of which backpack would be best for you, it ultimately will come down to what kind of runner you are. If you’re going out into the wilderness and intend to cover a long distance, making sure you’re able to be self-sufficient is essential and, for this, you’ll likely need a pack that’s between two and five litres in capacity so you can fit in everything you require.

Make sure there’s enough room to fit your water bottle in, as well as any food you might need, extra layers of clothing and so on. However, make sure you don’t overfill your pack with items that you don’t need, so that you’re not carrying any excess weight, which will make running that much harder.

Another option you might want to consider is a vest pack if you decide that a backpack isn’t quite right for you. These are designed to be more fitted, which means you are less likely to experience any chafing or bumping around as you run. 

But ultimately, it all comes down to what’s right for you so do some experimenting until you find the right option for you.

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