What To Take To The Gym

What To Take To The Gym

The beginning of a new year is always a busy one for gyms, with people keen to improve their health and fitness and make positive and long-lasting lifestyle changes… which is very commendable, of course!

Gyms can be quite intimidating places if you’ve never set foot in one before, however, so knowing what to do when you’re there and what to take with you can help you maximise your chances of success when it comes to sticking to your resolutions.

Motivation and determination are necessary attributes for fitness enthusiasts, but there are other more practical tools you’ll need while working out and training, as well. 

Before you head off to your gym induction, make sure that you’ve got all the appropriate sweat-wicking clothes close to hand and sturdy trainers to help support your feet and ankles when lifting weights. 

A sweat towel is also a good idea so you can give yourself a quick wipe down if you’re getting too sweaty - and so you can clean the equipment after you’ve used it, as a mark of respect for the next person to come along. And training gloves are a good addition if you don’t want to build up calluses on your hands.

If you know you’re going to be showering at the gym, make sure you pack your own towel and shampoo, conditioner, body wash and so on. It’s likely that the gym will supply you with some or all of these, but taking some with you just in case means you can quickly get on with the rest of your day.

Another gym bag essential is your water bottle. You lose a lot of fluid through sweat while you exercise (as much as a litre or two per hour, depending on what you’re doing), so make sure you drink steadily throughout your training session to help you replace lost fluids - and this is where a reusable bottle stashed in your bag somewhere will really come in handy.

And don’t forget that training is hard work, so you’ll probably find yourself a little peckish after your gym session. Good post-workout snacks include bananas, nuts, homemade smoothies and hard-boiled eggs, although it will depend on what your goals are at the gym as to which snacks are the best option for you.

If you want to build muscle, for example, make sure you go for protein-heavy options, such as eggs, salmon, chicken, cottage cheese, berries and greek yoghurt and so on. These will all help you build muscle and recover from your training session a lot quicker.

With all this in mind, you’re going to need a pretty big gym bag to help you carry everything required to enjoy a solid workout… and with our large backpacks you’ll have all the space you need to fit everything in - and a lot more besides! 

Take a look at the range and see which design takes your fancy. We’ve got something for everyone, regardless of where you’re at with your fitness journey.