Why Tennis Is So Good For You!

Why Tennis Is So Good For You!

This year’s Wimbledon tournament has just got underway, with the first balls being hit yesterday (July 3rd), so the next two weeks are sure to be filled with excitement as the top names in tennis take to the courts.

And, of course, this is sure to inspire many of you out there to head to courts of your own to put some balls through their paces… which is great news indeed, since tennis is incredibly good for you as a sport - in all sorts of interesting ways!

From a purely physical perspective, it’s amazing exercise and you’ll work your body out from top to toe, using your arms, shoulders, back and core all at the same time just by swinging your racket. And, of course, you use your lower body to run, jump and move on the spot, so you’re getting everything going all at once. Perfect!

From toning your muscles to improving your agility and balance, tennis is a great sport for all sorts of reasons. It’s even good for bone health, with research showing that people who play tennis have better bone mineral density than those who don’t - so you could even help prevent osteoporosis later in life if you develop a solid interest in the sport.

And let’s not forget the more cerebral benefits of playing tennis, either. The sport is a very tactical one and you’ll need to be fully alert at all times, employing your problem-solving skills very quickly and ensuring that you’re thinking clearly so you can react accordingly no matter what comes at you across the net.

So there you have it! If you’re looking for a new pastime to really get into at the moment, it seems like tennis could be the one. It’s also worth noting the social aspects of the game… it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family as well. All sorts of amazing benefits could be had from hitting a few balls!

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