The Elite Wear brand has been designed to raise awareness of mental strength as well as physical. We live in a world which has been dominated on 'perfection' and forget to enjoy life and focus on the most important aspect - our health and well being. It is easy to forget that a positive mentality and clear focus are the fundamentals to achieving extraordinary results at competitive highs.

'Elite' takes its name from the Emergency Services and Armed Forces who serve our country and protect and care for us on a daily basis. These are the brave Men and Women who put their lives and mental health on the line every single day which is why we're dedicating 5% of all sales to support mental health.  


Behind the Brand

The design and implementation started in late 2018 by 2 Former Royal Marine Commandos; Liam Starbuck and Daniel Burkes. Recognising the significant rise in Mental Health and PTSD within our given background, we decided we wanted to build a community which would raise the awareness of mental health as a whole and support all those who serve this country whether within the Emergency Services or Armed Forces.

It's time that we stop focusing on only our image, and start focusing on our mentality as well. Check out the Mental health and PTSD page so you can learn the signs and symptoms to recognise someone who may need your help! You could potentially be the one to save someone's life who is suffering in silence!